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Tournament Setup Guide
Tournament Setup Guide
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This article will explain the basic steps to set up a tournament/league. For a more comprehensive list of how-tos, view our getting started pages.

Creating a Tournament/League

    • Events will show in the app search once you add at least one complex.

    • Delete or edit pre-loaded divisions on their General Info tabs.

If you're not using the online registration system, refer to the Adding Teams and Games steps next.

Online Registration System

    • Settings selected during registration setup will apply to all tournaments.

  1. Access the tournament and create a registration form.

  2. Once online registration is complete and turned On, the event will appear within the search. You can also send the Results Link directly to registrants.

  3. Proceed to step two of Adding Teams and Games.

Adding Teams and Games

  1. Add teams to the event.

  2. Create pools for match-ups to generate in.

    • For standings to show and to use the batch scheduler, you must have teams assigned to a pool.

  3. Assign teams to pool(s).

  4. Generate the pool games. The system will generate each match-up once. Generating a second time will replace the original match-ups.

  5. Build and source the bracket games.

  6. Schedule games automatically using the batch scheduler or manually using the drag/drop.

Publishing the Tournament

Once the schedule is complete:

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