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How to Build Brackets
Updated over a week ago
  1. On the desired tournament, click Manage to access the General Info page.

  2. Click Divisions.

  3. Click the desired division.

  4. Click Bracket.

  5. Use the Bracket Builder to create the tournaments.

    • To use a bracket template, click Select from Bracket Templates.

    • If you've already worked out a template, click Copy Bracket from Another Division/Tournament or build a bracket from scratch.

  6. When finished, click Save Bracket.

The Bracket Builder Toolbar

  • Add - Add games, final, notes, or page breaks.

  • Copy - Select and copy brackets.

  • Border - Choose the border on select games to change the direction of the bracket tree.

  • Remove - Select items for removal, or remove all items from the page to start over. Be sure to click Save Bracket after removal.

  • Shift Menu - Move selected items up, down, left, or right in set increments. Or, select an item to move it freely.

  • Select Menu - Select individual items or all items on the page.

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