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How to Add Schedule Restrictions
How to Add Schedule Restrictions
Updated over a week ago

NOTE: Make sure that times are formatted correctly using HH:MM AM/PM (ex: 07:00 AM).

There are two types of scheduling restrictions:

  • Prevent a team from playing at a certain time

  • Prevent a team from playing at the same time as another team

  1. Access your Tournament.

  2. Click Divisions.

  3. Select your division.

  4. Click Schedule Restrictions.

  5. Enter the restrictions per team.

  6. When finished, click Save.

After adding schedule restrictions, the system will warn if one of the rules was violated when scheduling games.

This only prevents teams from being scheduled at the same time when using the Batch Scheduler. Teams may still be matched up together when generating pool games. To prevent two teams from playing each other in pool play, click here.

If a scheduling restriction rule is broken by a scheduled game, the batch scheduling page shows the game with a "w" in its box.

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