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How to Create a Registration Form
How to Create a Registration Form
Updated over a week ago

Customize the information collected from each team during tournament registration.

Before you can create a registration form, you must:

  1. Locate the tournament and click Manage.

  2. Click the Registration tab.

  3. Switch the Online Registration toggle to ON.

  4. Set the registration start and end time.

  5. Set the registration fees for each division.

  6. Click Show Advanced Settings.

  7. Set the maximum teams per division.

  8. Indicate whether or not rosters are to be collected during team registration.

  9. Type a disclaimer message and any registration info.

  10. To include additional questions, check the 'Question Groups' box.

  11. Enter a question group header.

  12. Click Add Question Group to create additional question groups.

  13. For each additional question added, select the question type, enter the question, and set the requirement.

  14. Click Save.

  15. Share the Registration Link near the top of the page with teams.

    • NOTE: The registration link redirects to the homepage when registration is closed.

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