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How to Enter Pitch Counts
Updated over a week ago

Enable Pitch Count Reporting

  1. Sign in with the "Email Address" and "password" associated with the account.

  2. On the desired tournament, click Manage to access the General Info page.

  3. To display pitch counts on the public results, check the box for Show Pitch Count on Public Site.

  4. Check the box for Enable Pitch Counts on Post Scores page.

  5. Click Save.

Enter Pitch Counts

A roster should be added to each team in the tournament before entering pitch counts. Click here to learn how to request rosters from all teams, or here to import rosters.

You cannot enter pitch counts for games that haven't been played or are scheduled for a future date/time.

  1. Access the tournament.

  2. Go to Post Scores.

  3. Click Post Pitch Counts.

  4. Click the desired division.

  5. Click Pitch Count.

  6. Enter the pitch count information.

  7. Click Save.

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