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How to Finalize Standings and Rankings
How to Finalize Standings and Rankings
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NOTE: Tournament Managers can edit the final rank at any time.

The Final Standings page is not visible to the public until a rank has been defined. When completed, it will be visible on the top of the Posted Schedule page.

  1. Click My Organizations > Settings.

  2. Click Manually Set Team Rankings.

  3. To enable manual entry, toggle the switch.

  4. Click Save & Exit.

  5. In the top navigation menu, click Tournaments.

  6. Locate the desired event and click Manage.

  7. Click Post Scores.

  8. Under the Final Standings/Rankings section, click All Divisions.

  9. Enter the final standing/ranking for each division and click Save.

Teams can share the same rank. If a final rank is not inputted, the teams will display in rank and, then, alphabetical order.

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