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How to Create Team Limits and Manage the Waiting List
How to Create Team Limits and Manage the Waiting List
Updated over a week ago

Limit the number of teams that can register per division, which will automatically create a waiting list once that limit is reached.

  1. Access your tournament.

  2. Click Registration.

  3. Click Show Advanced Settings.

  4. Under Max Teams Per Division, enter the number of teams you'd like to be able to register per division.

  5. When finished, scroll down and click Save.

You can set the maximum teams on a division-by-division basis from Division > General Info.

View and Manage Teams on the Waiting List

  1. Access the tournament.

  2. Click Divisions.

  3. Select the division you'd like to work with.

  4. To view the teams on the waiting list and the contact information for each coach, click Waiting List.

Please note that teams on the waiting list are NOT registered for the event. If you'd like, you can contact the coach and have them re-register for the event.

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