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SportsEngine Tourney FAQ
Updated over a week ago

Can I create a test tournament before paying?

Yes! Create as many draft tournaments as you'd like to. Payment is only required if you decide to publish a tournament.

Do you have the bracket I need?

Most Likely. If we don't have it, create a custom bracket from the bracket builder page.

Do you offer registrations?

Yes. We can make it easy to collect the following:

  • Payments via credit cards, cash, and/or check.

  • Team Names

  • Rosters

  • Division information

  • Contact information

All gathered information is pulled directly into the tournament. Please contact us about creating a website or registration for your event.

Does the scheduling software accommodate considerations for facility availability, team conflicts, and special requests?

Yes. Enter as many time restrictions, coaches coaching more than one team, etc., as you'd like. You can also set custom times for your courts or fields.

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