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Tourney Team Admin Setup
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TourneyTeam is an advanced suite of registration tools that require coaches to create accounts and register teams for events, allowing the tracking of the same teams across multiple events over a season. It also gives access to features like waivers and deposits.

Season Setup

  1. First, create a Season. Creating a season sets the registration period, rankings, points, and fees.

    • Only one season may be active at a time.

    • The start/end dates must include the full registration period for all of the season’s tournaments.

  2. Create a Series to group events together for team rankings.

    • There must be at least one default Series.

    • An event must be included in at least one Series to be visible in the registration list.

  3. Create Groups to organize teams within Tourney Team and to display Team Rankings. Groups can be set up by age, gender, etc.

Enabling Tourney Team Registration

Once the season, series, and groups are set up in Front Office, update the registration settings to require coaches to create Tourney Team accounts in order to be able to register for events.

  1. From the Tournaments page, click Admin.

  2. Click Registration & Payment Settings.

  3. Check the box to Require a Coach account to register.

  4. Click Save.

Teams will now flow through the Tourney Team registration system.

To find the Create Coach Account and Coach Login links for coaches:

  1. From the Tournaments page, click Front Office.

  2. Click Team.

  3. Click Tourney Team Links.

Tourney Team Links are unique to your organization, so they must be sent to coaches or listed on your website.

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