Tourney Team Coach Setup
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Tourney Team is an advanced suite of registration tools for coaches. In order to access Tourney Team, coaches must use their organization’s specific Tourney Team link to create an account. Upon account creation, coaches may register teams for tournaments, view schedules, results, standings, and stats, upload and print rosters, view coaching staff information, manage files, submit waivers, and pay fees.

Creating a Tourney Team account

  1. Create a TourneyTeam account. This account is tied to the organization it was created under and can only be managed by the account owner. The account is responsible for registration, rostering, and fulfilling waiver agreements.

  2. Create a team. At least one team must be created each season in order to register for the organization’s tournaments.

Register the Team

  1. Add or import a Roster.

  2. If the tournament has any necessary player waivers, coaches have the responsibility to send and manage the documents for their team.

  3. Optionally, you can upload files to the team roster and athletes.

View Team Rankings

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