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How to Create a Tourney Team Account
How to Create a Tourney Team Account
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NOTE: Each account is tied specifically to the organization it was created under. If a coach creates a Tourney Team account under Organization A, they will only be able to register for Organization A’s events using that account.

There are two ways to get to the Tourney Team login page for an organization, where coaches can create their accounts:

  • Locate the event you wish to register for and click the Register button.

    • This will automatically redirect to the organization’s Tourney Team login page.

  • The organization will provide coaches with a direct link to their Tourney Team login page.

Once the account has been created, when logging in to the SportsEngine Tourney homepage, you will be redirected to the organization’s Tourney Team login page.

If registering with two separate organizations that use Tourney Team, two separate accounts have to be created. The same email address may be associated with multiple accounts, but usernames have to be unique.

The accounts can only be managed by the account owner. Assistant coaches and team managers may be added as staff, but don't have a login. The account owner is responsible for registration, rostering, and fulfilling waiver requirements.

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