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How to Use the Drag/Drop Tool to Schedule Games
How to Use the Drag/Drop Tool to Schedule Games
Updated over a week ago

The Drag/Drop tool places a game onto a field's time slot. Before a game is placed incorrectly, the time slots that will cause conflicts will be blacked out. A conflict warning will appear before attempting to:

  • schedule back-to-back games (set on the General Info page.)

  • schedule where there are schedule restrictions.

  • Schedule games where the same person coaches teams.

  • Place bracket games in the wrong order.

Before start scheduling, ensure the Court/Field Availability has been set.

  1. Access the tournament you're scheduling games for.

  2. Click Scheduling > Drag/Drop.

  3. Enter the desired date range and select the complexes.

  4. Click Schedule.

  5. The games are placed across the top of the page. Drag and drop the game into the correct date/time/location.

  6. Any movement will be saved automatically.

When finished, if games contain errors, they will be shown in black boxes with red font. Hover over the game to view the error and move it accordingly.

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