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TourneyTV: Basic Setup
Updated over a week ago

TourneyTV allows to display pool's standings, schedule, and bracket on a team or large monitor and have it automatically rotate. Create Channels, assign content, and add custom content like sponsorship logos or advertise an upcoming event.

  1. Click My Organizations > Settings.

  2. Click Tourney TV.

  3. Click Channels.

  4. Click Add Channel.

  5. Enter the "Channel Name" (e.g., TV1, TV2, Facility 1) and click Save.

  6. Click Assign Tournament Programming.

  7. Select the Tournament to display.

  8. Select the type of content to display on the Channel.

  9. Under the TourneyTV icon, click the link.

  10. Click the correct Channel to display.

The Channel URL can be plugged into the browser of a SmartTV or a device that is connected to a TV.

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