How to Create Additional Users
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Invite other admins, tournament managers, scorekeepers, and statisticians to the account.

  1. At the top navigation menu, click Settings.

  2. Click Manage Users.

  3. Click Add User.

  4. Fill out the form and select the role as desired.

    • NOTE: Up to five users with the same role can be included in one invite. Send a different invite for each role.

  5. When finished, click Send Invite(s).

  6. The user(s) receive an email with a link to confirm the invite.

  7. In the email, click Confirm Invitation.

  8. If the user does not have a SportsEngine account, follow the prompts to create one.

  9. If the user has a SportsEngine account, click Log In and use the existing account credentials.

  10. Once the user has created the account and/or logged in, they are added to the user list.

The Admin can confirm the addition under the User List by clicking Settings > Users.

User Roles

  • Admins have full control over the organization's account.

  • Tournament Managers have access to manage tournaments, scheduling, score posting, and bracket building. They do not have access to the "Settings" section of the account.

  • Tournament Admins can create new and manage tournaments. They do not have access to the "Settings" section of the account.

  • The Post Scores role allows the user to post scores to a tournament only. They cannot change schedules or perform any other function of managing the tournament or admin functions.

  • The Coach role is automatically assigned to users who create a coach account in Tourney Team and can manage teams and rosters.

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