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How to Import Information from SportsEngine HQ
How to Import Information from SportsEngine HQ
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Export Division/Team Information

  1. Log into the SportsEngine HQ account.

  2. Click Registration.

  3. Select Registrations from the dropdown menu.

  4. Select the registration to export.

  5. In the lower-left of your screen, click Quick Report.

  6. Click Fields, and select the fields to be exported. Minimally, you will need:

    • Division Name

    • Division Abbreviation

    • Team Name

    • Gender

  7. Click Export to Excel.

  8. Copy the data into your spreadsheet.

Import Division/Team Information

  1. Navigate to SportsEngine Tourney.

  2. Under the tournament, click Manage.

  3. Click Divisions.

  4. Under Import, click Teams/Pools/Divisions.

  5. For Field Deliminator, make sure that Tab is selected.

    • If headers exist in the spreadsheet, select "First Row is Headers" so they are not imported.

  6. Within the text box, paste the exported data.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. Match the "Column Headers" to the "Data Field".

  9. Click Import.

  10. The divisions will appear in the left-hand column, with the number of teams imported.

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