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How to Import Teams, Pools, and Divisions
How to Import Teams, Pools, and Divisions
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Before getting started, you may download one of the templates below based on your tournaments specific needs:

Recognized Import Fields

  • Required fields* - Division Name*, Division Code*, Team Name*, Gender*

  • Optional, but strongly suggested - Team Registration Note, Coaches First Name, Coaches Last Name, Coaches E-mail, Coaches Mobile Number

  • Other import data fields - Team Code, Team Address, Team City, Team State, Team Zip, Team ID, Assistant First Name, Assistant Full Name, Coaches Mobile Phone, Assistant First Name, Assistant Last Name, Assistant E-mail, Assistant Mobile Phone, Manager First Name, Manager Last Name, Manager E-mail, Manager Mobile Phone, Division Max Age

To Import:

  1. From within your tournament, click Divisions.

  2. Under the Import section, click Teams/Pools/Divisions.

  3. Ensure that the Field Delimiter is set to Tab (default).

  4. Copy the data from your spreadsheet.

  5. If you copied the header from the spreadsheet, select First Row is Headers to eliminate the first row from your import.

  6. Paste the data into the textbox labeled Paste Data Below.

  7. Click Continue.

  8. Select the proper Data Field for each row.

  9. Click Import.

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