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SportsEngine Single Sign On FAQ
SportsEngine Single Sign On FAQ
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Why do I need a SportsEngine Account?

A single sign-in allows users to log in with one set of credentials to get access to the SportsEngine ecosystem. This provides a streamlined experience and avoids access problems by having multiple user accounts and different passwords.

How do I log in to my SE Account through SportsEngine Tourney?

Once the accounts are linked, upon logging in, use your SportsEngine email address and password to log in to your account or create a new SportsEngine account.

I have an SE Account, but it is not the same as my SportsEngine Tourney Login. How do I link my accounts?

Click here to view the steps for linking the accounts.

How do I check if a SE Account is associated with the account?

From the top navigation menu, click Account > Account Settings. If the account is synced, the blue banner below is visible:

If the account is not synced, a green banner is presented at the top of the page upon logging in. The banner is visible until the process is complete. If the x icon is clicked, the banner is not visible for 48 hours.

Am I able to update my account information?

Yes! Click Account > Account Settings > Go to My SE Account. This will redirect you to the Settings page of your SportsEngine account, where you can edit your account information.

If recent changes are not reflected in the Account Settings page on SportsEngine Tourney, click Refresh to sync the information.

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